Looking for a Strategy Mindset?

In times of uncertainty and ambiguity great leaders turn to a strategy mindset.

We build great leaders and great teams by systematically changing mindsets, strategies, and systems.  We offer executive coaching, scenario planning, and narrative services.

Looking to unleash personal, team, or company potential?  Let's talk.

Series A Founder

"Doug has helped me recover broken but  important relationships in my life. He helped me gain awareness of dysfunctional patterns in the relationships, develop empathy for understanding the other person’s point of view without judgment and rebuild trust.  I have taken that teaching one step further by transforming my “enemies” into “friends”, which has led to a happier and healthier lifestyle.”

Series C Founder

"My work with Doug has provided me a deepened understanding about the style of leadership that is unique to my experiences, my beliefs and my values. From board meetings to executive team sessions to the day-to-day efforts with my team, I've seen clear growth in my effectiveness with others, my confidence handling challenging situations, and my awareness of how to continue developing.  I commend Doug for his professionalism, insightfulness, and gentle candor."

Senior Executive in Transition

"Doug is an outstanding coach with an uncanny ability to help see past the blocks that might be holding you back. Honestly, I didn't really know what to expect. I was very pleased to get immediate benefit from the sessions which were like a series of a-ha moments, one after the other, all leading to clear, measurable results. I came in with the goal of finding a new job; I left with that new job and what I was really after: a personalized roadmap for a more meaningful and satisfying inner–as well as outer–work life."

Senior Government Exec

"Doug is possessed of exceptional insight grounded in common sense - a quality that is increasingly rare. When you know something isn't working, but you're not sure why, Doug will help you find the way forward. He is easy-going and a true professional. When your reputation is at stake, Doug is the one you should call."

With 25 years of experience, Doug and his companies have served executives at the world's most elite organizations.