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When predicting the future won't work, build a resilient strategy.

Scenario planning is the go-to method for strategic planning under uncertainty. Rather than basing strategy on a single forecast, it provides a structured approach to prepare for a broad range of possibilities. We follow methods grounded in strategic dialogue that were originally developed at Royal Dutch Shell.
The process is straightforward: identify the forces, imagine potential outcomes, develop a systematic strategy, and monitor. Doug is known for applying scenario planning in high stakes situations including climate change, national security, massive business model shifts, and pandemic response. We can help you develop an integrated multi-year program so your organization can become more vigilant, curate scenario planning off-sites, or deploy world-class training programs. 
As a globally recognized thought leader on managing uncertainty and scenario planning, Doug led Global Business Network’s (GBN) consulting practice, founded Monitor 360, and has published extensively on scenario planning.



Develop a strategy mindset. Take bold actions. Engage teams. Find purpose.
Doug’s approach to coaching combines compassion and insight with battle-tested techniques for achieving business results. He combines start-up, fundraising, M&A, and operating experience with leadership and integral coaching practices to help executives unleash their greatest potential and address business, strategy, emotional, and relational challenges.



CEO Coaching



Explain an organization's past, present, and future in a way that resonates with key audiences.
Every organization has its stories. So many stories. There are the stories you tell, stories you mean to tell, stories that are heard. Working with advanced Natural Language Process and machine learning software from best-in-class companies , we identify the narratives influencing your organization, determine how strongly they are held, and design winning strategies. Then, we run a creative process to design a compelling narrative to inform strategy, marketing, and PR. Finally, we align leaders on which stories to tell and how to tell them.



Strategic Narratives
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